Reef Engineering have a varied range of products. Please select a product.



Static solder pots


TCP Range,  ERSA Range,  Custom built


Rotary solder pots 


Dynamic solder pots


Semi automatic solder machines


Mongoose dip soldering machine

Otter dip soldering machine


Automatic solder machines


Beaver Bench Top Solder Machine

Floor Standing Solder machine

“RM” Type Solder Machine


Production systems


Automatic screen machines


EMC Screen Machine (FSM1)


Automatic foil machines


The Foil Machine (FSM2)


Solder accessories



Solder & flux,  Hydrometer sets,  Solder moulds,  Plug-in solder bath controllers,  Solder iron sponges,   Coil stripping machine


Production solutions



Agency Products



Ovens, Hydrogen Burners, Gas burners