Solder Accessories



Solder & Flux


Reef are agents for AlphaFry technologies and stock a wide range of their products for soldering copper, aluminum, stainless steel etc.


The sale and usage of these products in our own equipment, has given us a wide range of experience in their properties & applications. We are always prepared to assist with advice on these products.


Hydrometer Sets


In order to maintain good solder joints, the specific gravity of the flux must be correct. If the flux is too thick, excess flux is left on joints which is not only messy & wastefull, but may affect subsequent operations such as potting. If the flux is too thin poor soldering quality  with icicles and bridging may result. 


We carry a wide range of hand held hydrometer sets for use with all types of flux, ranging from 0.70 sg to 0.95 sg.

Solder Moulds


Stainless steel solder moulds enable the empting of solder baths to form 1 kilo solder ingots for re-use or re-cycling. 


100 gm assay sample mould for producing small ingots for analysis.


Plug-in Solder Bath Controllers


These controllers are fitted with a socket avoiding the need for hard wiring of the solder bath. Simply plug between the mains and the bath. 


Two type are available: 

  • B0137 energy regulator type for use where temperature settings are less critical.

  • C0064 temperature control unit with K type thermocouple, range 0-600 deg C with an accuracy of + or 3 deg.C.

Solder Iron Sponges
  • High quality replacement solder iron synthetic sponges give longer life 
  • Size 60 mm x 70 mm 
  • Custom sizes available


Coil Stripping Machine


The "environmentally friendly" way to strip wire from faulty coils, which not only reclaims expensive formers for re-use, but, also leaves the wire in clean neat bundles, commanding a higher scrap value.


The operator simply places the coils, having freed the `out' lead wires, on the outer pegs and then loops the free wires around the center revolving section.


Up to 18 coils can be stripped at once. Wood or plastic centers can be used where coils have large or square center holes.


When the center section is full one rod is unscrewed and the wire lifted off.


The machine has standard electrical supply and is light and portable enabling it to be used for out work, if required.