Automatic Solder Machines



The Beaver Dip Soldering Machine


Designed to solder most small to medium sized coils and transformers, with many extra features to aid production.

  • Automatic/pedal indexing
  • Optional turnover on flux and solder stations
  • Individual time settings for first and second solder operations
  • Patented, simple solder de-drossing system or scraper dross removal system
  • Re-circulating flux system, with auto drain on shut off
  • Optional flux density control
  • Automatic solder wire feed
  • Full wrap around guarding
  • Extractor fan with activated carbon filter
  • Digital batch counter
  • L.C.D. Display of flux and solder height




Temperature control

0-550 deg. C
Timers 0.0-9.9 sec. Digital readout in 0.1 sec
Batch counter 0-99999. Electronic
Index  Single cycle footswitch/auto cycle
Typical cycle time Single side 5 sec; Double side 8.5 sec
Dimensions  62 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm
Weight  75 kilos (175lbs)
Voltage  220/240V
Power  1200 watts
Air supply 70 PSI (5 bar). 
PLC control


Floor Standing Solder Machine


Sequential dip soldering and finishing equipment.


Maximum productivity - cycle times down to 4 seconds on double sided coils.


Maximum control - Programmable controller with fault finding LED display.


Maximum safety - Overall guarding with interlocked access doors and photo-electric sensors at load station.




The machines are normally supplied with a six station (4,8,10,12 optional) rotary index unit, with electric cam drive. On single solder applications, one flux and one solder unit are provided, whilst on double applications, two of each unit are fitted, with an automatic tool rotate device between stations. 


The units are mounted on a custom built stand, which has separate compartments for electrical and pneumatic controls. Various other units can be fitted at the spare stations around the index unit, e.g. testing; tag bend; auto unload etc. 


The machine is covered by a strong, lightweight guard, which has access doors on three sides. Footswitch and automatic cycling are standard. Photo-electric sensors, automatically checked on each cycle, cover the load area. 


Solder temperature is controlled to within a few degrees, on a 0-600 degrees C scale, whilst soldering time is set on a 0 - 9.9 seconds readout in increments of 0.1 seconds. Solder pots are automatically de-drossed by either our  simple patented method. OR by an automatic scraper system with solder feed to maintain solder level. Dross being removed to containers beneath the machine.


Flux is contained in a 10 Litre tank and is constantly re-circulated to the machine with automatic drain down when the machine is switched off. Automatic flux density control is available un request.  Many additional features are available from simple test reject to fully automatic load/unload palletised systems. 


Machine soldering advantages:-  


a). A significant reduction in soldering times.


b). Consistent soldering quality with less skill requirement. 


c). Improved environmental conditions for operatives. 


d). The machine can be quickly and easily re-set, making small batches economical. Machines are normally supplied complete with all necessary items to allow immediate production including flux, solder and one set of tooling.




Electrical supply

1 phase, 220 240 v. (other voltages to order)

Pneumatic supply

70 p.s.i. (5 bar) 1 cu. ft. mm
Temperature range 0 - 550 C (low or high temp. soldering)
Solder times 0 - 9.9, 0 - 15 seconds (optional)
Bobbin size Up to 75 mm cube (other sizes as specials)
Typical cycle time 5 - 6 seconds
Machine dimensions

Height 1.8 m (72"). 

Width 122 cms (48")

Depth 92cms (36")


RM Type Solder Machine
  • Floor standing Designed for high precision soldering of small coils
  • Dipping tolerance 0.010
  • Auto load to bottom edge of the coil
  • Pumped flux
  • Pre heat of tags after flux
  • Two solder pots
  • Scraper cleaning
  • Auto unload of coil


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