Semi Automatic Solder Machines



Mongoose Dip Solder Machine




A low cost dip soldering machine designed to suit most small coils and transformers.

The simple, two piece tooling set up makes this machine especially suitable for short batch production.


Features include:

  • Auto/pedal index

  • Economical tooling sets

  • Interchangeable turrets

  • Patent de-dross system

  • Built in flux tray

  • Simple solder height adjustment

  • Digital solder timer

  • Full temperature control.

Otter Dip Soldering Machine


The REEF `OTTER' soldering machine has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the smaller winding shop, and with its realistic price, brings the advantages of machine soldering within easy reach of all coil-winding companies.

Interchangeable turret assemblies enable small batch runs of coils to be soldered quickly and economically, with a consistent quality that cannot be matched by hand dipping.

Manual or automatic index models are normally available on 14-day delivery, including the tooling of your choice.


  • 4 Station turret, hand operated or automatic index (pedal operated), simple and quick to use, automatically locked during soldering.
  • Automatic flux station.
  • Automatic soldering station, featuring the patented and proven Reef de-drossing system.
  • Temperature and soldering time setting is simple and precise, enabling a wide variety of wire sizes to be processed.
  • Spare station - Various facilities available as extras.
  • Turret/tooling assembly - each set of tooling is supplied complete with a cast aluminium turret, so that tooling is changed in seconds simply by unscrewing the central knob and replacing the complete assembly.
  • The standard machine will accept coils up to 70 m/m cube, whilst many small coils can be soldered two at a time Carbon fume filter fitted as standard.   


Dimensions  50 cm, x 50 cm x 30 cm 
Electrics  13 amp, 230v single phase
Temperature range  0-55O degrees (C)
Soldering time 0-9,9 seconds. (Digital readout in 0.1 secs.)
Cycle time 4-5 seconds (average)

Auto Index model only:

Compressed air supply 4 bar (60 P.S.I) 

          Filter/regulator unit supplied on machine.