Automatic Screen Machines



EMC Screen Machine (FSM1)




A fully automatic machine, which produces copper foil strips with lead-out wires soldered in position. 


A variety of copper foil/wire configurations can be set on the standard machine with production rates of up to 600 pieces per hour.


The machine uses reeled copper foil and standard solderable enameled copper wire to produce cut lengths of foil with soldered on lead out wires for connection to the coil earth pins. 



The solder joint is achieved with an automatic cored solder wire feed to the soldering position and a pneumatically positioned soldering iron. A unique feature is provided by an indexed paper strip, below the soldering position which maintains a clean area around the foil and prevents flux build up and sticking. This is essential when using narrower foils. 


The machine has a program display mode and is also provided with a xenon beacon to indicate any stopped condition. The top guard is centrally hinged to allow easy access to the machine. Coded magnetic interlocks switch off the machine if a guard is opened.   

Programmable features:

  • Foil length 
  • Foil feed rate 
  • Wire position on foil 
  • Soldering time 
  • Cooling time 
  • Cut position 
  • Batch count



Foil width

3mm to 19mm
Foil length 10mm to 1000mm(repeatablility +/- 0.1 mm)
Core diameter 75mm/100mm
Lead out wire 0.23mm dia x 100mm (nominal)
Solder wire 0.7mm dia cored 60/40, 1/2 kilo reel
Paper  700 metre reel (Lasts approx. 480 hours)
Production rate up to 600 pieces per hour
Electrical supply 230 V; 5A
Air supply 4 bar. 30 L/min
Overall size 76cm x 76cm x 115cm (Height)